The Interpreters  (1960-1966)

The Interpreters were founded in 1961 by Jan and Frans Bronzwaer with Fré Videler, Frans Moers and Lucas van Meer. The band initially acted as the school band of the Bernardinus College in Heerlen and the name was based on the fact that it started playing covers of Beatles and Rolling Stones, among others. In 1962, the first single from The Interpreters was released. The title track “Any Time” was written by Frans Bronzwaer, the singer/guitarist and composer of the band. In 1966 the name was changed to Py-Set and the band developed into one of the most famous Limburg pop groups in the period 1961-1980. There were many live performances throughout the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and France.


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Any Time
The only man for you