Py-Set (1966-1980)

In January 1967 The Interpreters changed the name of the band to Py-Set . During the period 1960-1980 the band performed throughout the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and France, and operated mainly in three- and four-man formations. In their repertoire often came songs from the Cream, their favorite band and large at that time. Guitarist Frans became the band’s house composer and he wrote a lot of songs for the band. In 1971 he also started working as a solo artist, under the stage name Richard Neal. In the last 10 years the regular band members were : Frans Bronzwaer, Jan Bronzwaer, George Hundscheid, Mike Schurer, and Roadmanager Ben Muermans. The band retired in 1980.

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I just can't fight
Little bit a looser
Sit and wonder why
Ticket to you
Green eyes