Graus & Bronzwaer

Marcel Graus and Frans Bronzwaer are two Dutch musicians/composers. Their musical background is classical guitar (Marcel) and pop music (Frans), and they both love jazz. In 2000 they started writing and recording joint compositions in a smooth pop/jazz style.
The music of Graus & Bronzwaer is a perfect blend of their own background aspects.
The result: three mainly instrumental albums  easy listening smooth jazz. The fourth album is currently being recorded in the Twin Studio, Brunssum Netherlands.

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"Nature" from the coming album "Nature"




Guest Musicians

Leo Janssen :            Tenor & Soprano Saxophone
Jan Knooren :           Electric  & Acoustic Bass
Marc Huynen :         Trumpet
Jacqueline Fijnaut :  Backing Vocals
Han Hendriks :         Oboe
Dave Vreuls :            Trumpet (Horns Section)
Tim Paters :              Saxophone (Horns Section)
Tim Daemen :          Trombone (Horns Section)
Jan Bronzwaer :       Percussion